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PG&E is a leading electric power and gas utility in the Northern California region of the United States, the largest utility in the U.S. based on number of customers. CRESS manages seven million square feet of facilities supporting more than 20,000 employees. Caryatid has been providing Portfolio Management and Capital Planning services to the Corporate Real Estate line of business since 5+ years*.

CRESS leadership needed subject matter experts in Capital Planning who could help them optimize space plans to align with long term vision for the footprint of the organization for:

  • Various customer service offices (CSOs) located across NorCal

  • PG&E HQs located at 245 Market St. and 77 Beale St. as well as other Bay Area offices

CRESS needed expert guidance in making business decisions in workspace optimization and technology fostering collaborative workforce experience.

We were brought on board to manage a portfolio of projects in pipeline as well as develop a detailed “Bay Area Office Optimization Program”.



Our client comprised of various lines of businesses where each LOB’s pattern of growth was constantly evolving. Therefore, our solution had to be flexible enough to account for short term as well as long term projections in headcount.



More than 70% of the existing workforce were close to retirement, so the future headcount had to be very thoroughly estimated. Since a majority of the workforce were union represented employees, we had to be cognizant of their rights, union labor laws, and internal and external factors that affected decision making, as union employees have the right to collective activity in seeking improvements to their working conditions.



The portfolio management and capital planning programs were CRESS driven initiatives and were not led by the line of business leads. Therefore, getting endorsement was challenging as we had to take additional efforts in substantiating our research and justifying our approach to the problem not only to the end customers but also the LOB leads.





We commenced with a comprehensive benchmarking effort where we analyzed CRE portfolios of various LOBs within PG&E and industry peers - other major utilities.


We studied mobility patters by utilizing the effectiveness of directly interviewing the end customers, leadership, HR, and other identified focus groups.



The data was also validated by visual monitoring, analyzing badge swipe data, workforce heat maps, commute analysis etc. We used Business Intelligence tools like Power BI to analyze the data and eventually leadership endorsement.

Our detail-oriented approach and data models took into consideration:


Location strategy for current and future workforce


Site Evaluation using survey, demographics, business environment (taxes/incentives), cost of living and quality of life


Benchmarks and Metrics—Enterprise wide space standards, Enterprise policies for space usage (dedicated offices and dedicated desks)


Detailed Space Programs & Adjacancies —developed with new space standards and policies, establish relative sizes of Lines of Business

Each project was managed from cradle to grave following a lean approach – with Delivery Partners working under Design Build reporting to us as Owners’ Representatives and Portfolio Managers. Special focus was given to change management in order to provide a seamless end user experience, and project controls to deliver the project on time and within budget.


Our team successfully completed X CSO relocation projects, Spacefinder program, X office refresh projects, and was successfully was able to get the LOB’s Director’s sign-off on the Bay Area Office Optimization Program. The Design phase of the the BAOOP started on …
We surveyed X managers, employees, union representatives, and executives of the staff post move-in to assess the level of acceptance of the new space, cultural evolution, stakeholder engagement, and overall experience during project execution.


said the workspace reservation system is easy and effective to use


said the space utilization is extremely efficient and caters to their exact needs


said they feel their productivity increased significantly


said they fully understand new tools and policies


said the new environment is more collaborative and fosters team engagement


said the AV technology implemented is user friendly and reliable

Over the last several years, I’ve had the pleasure and opportunity to work with Caryatid, where their team served as “Program Managers” representing PG&E in its execution of numerous high value programs and projects for the corporate real estate organization. They are extremely skilled in program planning & project management, having adeptly led the planning and execution of numerous multi-million-dollar projects for PG&E. They are very forward thinking/strategic, having worked with me on numerous strategic scenarios and where they offered excellent capital planning, programming and construction feasibility insights. They are very easy to work with, hardworking, conscientious, always positive, calm, inquisitive, and logical.

Armando S. Rodriguez

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Project Management / Construction Management

Having the right team in place to implement a plan is as critical as developing a good plan and strategy. We bring our expertise in representing the occupier’s interest to every phase of the project delivery and ensure that the project goals are met. KPIs are established collaboratively at the outset of the engagement. These activities, milestones and financial goals are the ultimate quantifiable success measures for the team to achieve and exceed.

  • Site Selection

  • Entitlements

  • Design Management

  • Cost Management

  • Schedule and Scope Management

  • Value Engineering

  • Contract Management and negotiations

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PMO Development

We are experts in Portfolio Management and PMO Development transforming it to a Center of Excellence​

  • Centralize project controls utilizing state of the art web based solutions

  • Develop, standardize, and execute tools, standards, policies and procedures facilitating effective project governance

  • Deploy enterprise level web based, interactive Business Intelligence Dashboards across difference organizational levels

  • Convert data into insight

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