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Cultural Transformation

We know that the purpose and value of vision is not a just tagline on a website or the for the marketing content, but often, it is a reason why organizations success and talent is attracted. If not translated correctly through our culture, workplace and processes, it single handedly can cause the biggest damage to the organization by losing the talent.

We engage with you to transform the culture by engaging at all levels. Because we know the value of culture and vision, we know what questions to ask and who to ask and how to help with the answers. Our interactive, engaged and facilitated approach help us steer towards alignment through workshops, focus groups, interactive and technology enabled interviews and workforce profiling tools that brings different information and data from various lenses that help us design and organizational culture of the future you envision.

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Workplace Strategy & Portfolio Planning

Many facets come into play when developing a Workplace and Portfolio strategy. Managing real estate for optimal workplace efficiency and employee experience is a journey. The terrain appears complex and the options along the way can be confusing.

Caryatid will travel with you, leading the way to your desired destination and will collaborate with you to refine your vision and expectations for the future state, while building consensus within the organization to get everyone pointing in the same direction. From there, we will convert hard numbers, statistics, operational intelligence into valuable and actionable insights while identifying opportunities for space efficiency.

  • Demand and Supply Analysis

  • Strategic Scenario Planning

  • Workplace Strategy Vision Workshop

  • Develop and aggregate workplace data

  • Analysis of building and utilization data

  • Gap analysis and recommendations

  • Portfolio and Workplace Benchmarking

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Workplace of Now (WON)

When the future is unknown, what do you do? You take the information you have at hand and develop solutions and strategies that fits various versions of the future. Flexible and adaptable. That is not the ‘Future’ anymore that is ‘Now’. There are certain skills organizations will need, is to work in the grey and be willing to pivot.

We help owners and occupiers, develop the workplace strategies, workplace organization, and programs that sets them up for the future that is we know nothing about. But we can confidently enter that era because we have earned the art of evolving with time with less pain and more agility. We help you get there.

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Leadership Coaching and Alignment

Good leadership of an organization is aligned with the company’s vision mission and values. Great Leadership of an organization role models it and be the ambassadors of the culture that supports it. If there is a disconnect between the company’s long-term roadmap and how well it is translated in the leadership style, it causes workforce to lose trust in the company which leads to disengaged, demotivated and less effective community.

We work with the organizations to help gain leadership alignment for a shared vision of the transformed culture. We help leaders articulate their fears, aspiration, vision and most importantly build consensus on what future vision of success and then help achieve it and measure it.

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Employee Experience

Experience can make or break the spine of the company by attracting or detracting the talent that matters. We assess existing organization intellectual and physical infrastructure including, strategic plan, business roadmap, workplace, processes, technology, processes to crystalize the risks and opportunities that play a critical role in designing the experience for the workforce that make the organization irresistible.

We can help assess experience in all or any of the four core areas that creates the experience that you deserve. These areas include, Business leadership, People organizations, Workplace and Real Estate and last but not the least, Technology.

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Capital Planning & Programming

The planning stage for a stand-alone office project or a vast real estate portfolio translates strategy into tangible scopes of work. This preconstruction phase includes the big-picture definition of project goals and scope elements. Caryatid will conduct scenario planning and develop business case alternatives. This will cover, high level planning estimates, timelines, phasing strategies and risk registers.

We can assist with evaluation of different project delivery strategies, define your evaluation criteria, orchestrate the process and make recommendations fo team formations. We understand that every organization has unique governance requirements and decision-making hierarchies therefore we develop customized portfolio plan that integrates best with your organization

  • Master planning

  • Governance structure & Strategy

  • Delivery model & Execution Strategy

  • Process and Procedures Development

  • RFP/RFQ Development

  • Portfolio Scenario planning

  • Adjacency Analysis

  • High Level Cost Estimates

  • High level timeline and phasing plan

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Change Management

We live in a data-driven world where it’s easy to lose sight of the people side of the equation. The soft side is critical for the success of any strategy, program or project. The Caryatid team’s unwavering focus is to enhance the stakeholder experience. Continuous partnership and open lines of communication help stakeholders understand the challenges and opportunities, inviting them to be ambassadors and champions of a success story.

  • Stakeholder Assessment

  • Communication Plan Development

  • Change Roadmaps and Engagement tools

  • Facilitation of the liaison interaction model

  • Move and Relocation Management

  • Post-Occupancy Survey and Analysis

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